Creating Space for Creative Space

I had the most amazing night.

I was a guest at Tantris Yoga. The GM invited me for a restorative class, and I was able to experience this week-old Yoga Center without the pomp and circumstance and distraction of opening night. I was able to experience the space as my most authentic yogic self.


LOOK AT THIS SPACE! Wait… I have more pictures:

Right? RIGHT? Just gorgeous. Tantris is owned by Russell Simmons (he of Def Comedy Jam and the notorious Rush Card), and honestly he did the damn thing. This space is just gorgeous. Serene and yogic and practical all at once. Such detail. I haven’t even gotten into the actual practicing space (which I have not photographed… yet), which features the most amazing floors and windows. And there’s heat! INFRARED HEAT! You know I’m taking my tail back there for a heated class as soon as my little car can carry me through the canyon…

The class I took was restorative. Goodness knows I needed it, because 2 days of back to back strength yoga with the incomparable Nick Wilder have left my glutes and hamstrings in a STATE. I released my joints (there were literal POPS in my hips and low spine) in the best way with the help of props and deep breathing. It was everything. The class was taught by the Tantris GM Karen Russell. She has a way of making you release by imitating a ‘yawn’… and suddenly you’re yawning and releasing and falling asleep…

It was really over too soon. She said ‘final pose’ and I was like WHAT? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…

So good.

Afterwards, we chatted and she told me they’re holding auditions..? SAY WHAT? Ya’ll pray for me ’cause I’m for real trying to live there. No joke. Oh, and Habibi too. What, you thought I was gonna leave my baby behind? No dice.

I love this space. Here’s hoping it loves me back.


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