Stellar Limitless Foundation & Concealer

A lovely person on Instagram requested this review, so here it is! I’ve been testing the Stellar Limitless Foundation and Limitless Concealer, with amazing results.

First things first: I let Sephora pick the color for me. I was kind of stressed about it… I cannot lie. You know some folks will either have you looking burnt or grey. Depends on the day and the lighting (and the level of cluelessness). Anyway, they picked s11 for my foundation and s03 for my concealer. When they arrived in the  mail I instantly yelled TOO LIGHT! But look what happened:


Stellar was created with the ‘in between shades’ in mind. You know who we are:  not too light, not too dark, not too red, not too pink… just somewhere in the middle and yellow, orange and olive all to be damned. While it’s easy to cheat a standard foundation or concealer with a color corrector, who wants to do that all the time? Not me. So I’ve been super excited about this.

stellar 2

Finish wise, this is radiant. Not slap-your-momma-disco-ball radiant, but it does leave a ‘glow’ on your face. But that has nothing to do with the formula, which is kind of on the dry side. I like it because of my oily skin, but I don’t know about the ‘cling’ factor on a drier skin. The coverage is light to light/medium. I had to go over problem areas with the concealer, which is a DREAM. It’s opaque and creamy and a little goes a long way. Plus it doesn’t crease or flake.

I also go the blush in Eclipse…

stellar 3

…but I forgot to do a swatch. SMH. It’s more golden peach than pink (no matter what it looks like in the pan), and will work as a highlighter on anyone darker than me. The finish is not super shiny, which I like. Pigment is ‘medium’ … so you might need to build it a bit for a good color payoff.

Overall, I really like these. I’ve been reaching for the foundation and concealer daily for about two weeks, so I definitely use them. If you’ve purchased base makeup from Sephora before, maybe trust them to pick your color for you (if your habits are in the system). And if they screw it up, no worries… you know you can always walk in the return. 🙂



  1. NishSiv says:

    Awww. You think I’m lovely! I’m blushing! 😘 Thank you so much for the review! It makes me even more excited for this range! Hoping Sephora Australia brings it in sooner rather than later!

  2. Linda says:

    Oh I’m glad to see you reviewed this. Thank you! I would never have thought to choose S11. The brand premise was kind of irking me (in what universe are there tons of dark shades in addition to the light?) but if the creator means medium in the global sense or skewing toward WOC I can get on board with that. Are you using the concealer under eye or on cheeks?
    ColorIQ had me thinking I was around S19 for some reason. Hopefully more swatches start turning up soon.

    • You’re welcome! The creator is of Indian descent, and I can tell you from experience that their shades and undertones can be among the most difficult to match. She created the line to cater to people who typically have to mix light and dark shades (and even a drop or two of color corrector) just to find that perfect shade. What I really love about the range is that the undertones run the gamut.

  3. Great minds! I tried s11 too and also thought it was too light. I LOVED the concealer, the undertones were great but I think I still lean towards Nars Radiant, especially since they created Chestnut.

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