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Professional Grade: CV Nation Bonus Scene

We’re shooting the bonus supplemental for the CV Nation webseries… and I find out there’s a new character. That means new makeup. I learned about the character 3 days ago, and literally thought up the full makeup (which isn’t fully realized even now) this morning in the shower. Sometimes you

Scene & Heard: MAC Paint By Numbers

I spent the evening at the MAC Pro Store in Beverly Hills for a ‘Paint By Numbers’ Event. I thought there would be more painting and less… selling. But hey, MAC is a business after all, and it’s not like they’re lacking for fans. The place was PACKED. Model being


 It’s been few days since I posted… I haven’t been my best. In the midst of my whirlwind project (which has now been postponed until after Thanksgiving), I forgot some key things about myself. The most important (for now) is that I’m allergic to silicone. I discovered this lovely

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