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Armani Autumn 2012: ‘Yeux Teint’ Face & Eye Palettes

Armani upped the ante on the Autumn/Winter season, by offering a face and eye palette in two classic combinations. Each features three eye shadows and a blush/highlighter. I was skeptical about these palettes initially, because I sometimes feel that limited edition makeup offerings (particularly palette combinations) can be a little

FOTD: NARS Autumn 2012

I know it’s been while since I did an FOTD… life gets in the way. I’ve decided to try and do one a week. That way, I’m not rushing, and I’m not sacrificing anything else to get it done.Anyway, I decided to use the Vente Glace duo for my first

Eye Adore: NARS Autumn 2012

These are simply awesome. Like the Lip Collection from Autumn 2012, the NARS Eyeshadow Collection is well thought out, silky, pigmented, and long lasting. I am so impressed this season. NARS really did well. High Society                   Vente Glace High Society Vente Glace I

Lip Service: NARS Autumn 2012

NARS has released a nearly perfect collection. No, I’m not kidding. The multiple is a little meh, and I’m not a fan of the Outlaw Blush, but otherwise… the new shadows and ALL of the lip products hit it out of the park. This collection is rich and pigmented, and

Autumn 2012: Chanel Les Essentiels

In the dead heat of Summer, Chanel has already released a very ‘Autumn-like’ collection called Les Essentiels: I sometimes wonder if they’re trying to keep up with the likes of MAC, by releasing a collection every few weeks.I can’t imagine that this is a sustainable practice. While it constantly creates

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