Category: Cover FX

FOTD: Temporary Lighting Situation

I’ve lost access to my Diva Light and shooting space for a few days, so I’m making do with the vanity in my bathroom. No flash, and an extra light bulb, and it appears that the result might not be too bad. Plus the stark white background gives my skin

Product Review: Cover FX Large Foundation Brush

File this under… “who knew?” This brush has a lot going for it, both literally and figuratively. It’s like the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush… on steroids. Observe… The brush head 100% goat hair. It’s soft and dense, and surprisingly doesn’t eat up a lot of product. I’ve used it

FOTD: Black Karat

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done an FOTD… I was giving my skin a vacation. lol Plus, I really wanted to see if the Clarisonic made a difference in my skin’s clarity, without having to deal with the daily toil of makeup. But today, I went back

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