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FOTD: Surf The Ocean

I haven’t really gotten a chance to play in my Surf The Ocean pigment stack before now. Can I just say that what has happened to the gold pigment is just BEYOND. I’ve smashed it out several times, and it continues to melt back together into a wet little ball.

FOTD: Twisted Neutral

I wanted to road test the Le Metier matte eyeshadows… boy did they perform! They remained matte all day on my oily lids (no primer. you guys know how I feel about primer), and never creased or faded… EYES Le Metier Eyeshadow in Peachy Keen (lid/browbone) Le Metier Eyeshadow in

FOTD: Minor Shimmer / Major Orange

I was inspired by my little trip to see Amanda… so I decided to brighten up my face with a little shimmer and a lot of orange for this FOTD: EYES Giorgio Armani Mediterranean Palette: Shimmer Bronze (lashline to brow) Shimmer Brown (crease/under waterline) Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom (brows)

FOTD: Black Karat & Henna

I have to work today… ugh. And so I wouldn’t scare the rest of the world with my blotchy skin and puffy eyes (tears)… I used a little makeup to make me look presentable: EYES Armani Silk Eyeshadow in #13 (primer/lids) Laura Mercier Black Karat Eyeshadow (lids/uner water line) MAC

What’s the Bzzz: Covergirl Nature Luxe

First, Full Disclosure: Another fabulous blogger gave me the heads up about this company. Apparently, they recruit bloggers to help spread the news about products through word of mouth. So I signed up. What could it hurt, right? My first assignment apparenlty concerns Cover Girl, and the Nature Luxe

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