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Covet Worthy: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

It’s official: Illamasqua has ruined me (for the moment) for other foundations. I’ve been skeptical about just how ‘great’ the new Skin Base Foundation is (I was not a fan of the Rich Liquid Foundation), so I was slow to purchase. Add to that the fact that it’s not available

Covet Worthy with a Cause: Haughty Cosmetics The latest inspirational story in the world of makeup comes from Haughty Cosmetics. Based in the United States (Virginia), owner Michelle Coyle sought to do two things: make a kick-ass product, and raise awareness (and money) to combat domestic violence; a problem that affects women all over the world.

Covet Worthy? Chanel Spring 2011

Naturally, the internet is buzzing about the new Spring Collection from Chanel. I was interested…at first. Then I really looked at that quad, and I have to say…  it kind of reminds me of Murano. I have to see it in person. I think the local boutique has it… but

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