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Professional Grade: CV Nation Bonus Scene

We’re shooting the bonus supplemental for the CV Nation webseries… and I find out there’s a new character. That means new makeup. I learned about the character 3 days ago, and literally thought up the full makeup (which isn’t fully realized even now) this morning in the shower. Sometimes you

CV Nation Giveaway: MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Palette

In 5 days, Episode One of CV Nation will hit the internet. I designed (and applied) the makeup for each of the characters, and produced the trailer for the series. I told you guys that I was going to do a giveaway in connection with the series, so here it

Professional Grade: CV Nation (Post work Designed by LP)

The rest of the character pictures are complete! Whoo Hoo! The most awesome post work was done by LP. You can see some of his work HERE. Dude is AMAZING… he can do art on the most mundane of pictures… Jason Sweat as CITYWOLF Aisha as Mme. Mighty Derek Shaun

CV Nation: Two Heroines and Some Makeup

You guys know I’ve been working on the webseries CV Nation. Well, some of the character posters are going up! Makeup by me… Trisha Mann as SOULDRAGON Sherida Mulrowe as PANTHERESS More pictures are coming! The ladies are my favorites though. I really got to play with paints and pigments

Professional Grade: CV Nation

So you (some of you) guys remember the web series that I was doing that was embargoed? Well we finally  put up the Facebook page, and Twitter page… and it’s all public and what not. So… Today we did a photoshoot for one of the characters. Pantheress is played by

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