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Fashion Alert: Black Friday Sale!!

Okay, so this has nothing to do with makeup. But EM & Co. is my ‘go-to’ boutique for all of my fashion needs… period. I’ve learned more about my body type, and fashionable ways to dress it, than at any other place. This is a great place to get key

Professional Grade: Rich & Neutral

I had to work on a showcase with three international designers… and had to make the makeup translate for all three. One designer’s clothing is full of sequins and feathers, the other is boho chic, and the third was clean and practical. I figured the best bet was to go

Professional Grade: Fleurings Pop Up

Actress, Artist, and Jewelry Designer Samantha Lockwood unveiled her latest designs for her company, Fleurings: For makeup, the look was to be dewy, and sort of ‘ethereal.’ Once I saw how they were setting up the jewelry and the models, I totally  understood why. I thought the result was rather

Professional Grade: Pop Up

I did a quick makeup on a couple of models last night, for Em & Co’s Pop Up store in West LA: As you can see, I did one natural… one not so natural. The latter model is VERY young (in fact, this was her first time modeling) and I

Professional Grade: KillDarling Pop Up Event

One email, and then another email, and a third… and suddenly I was rushing from the Valley to West Hollywood to do a pop up event for the clothing line ‘KillDarling’ last night. The look reminds me of a broken ‘Baby Doll’ — like a girl who realizes the death

Professional Grade: Beauty for the Broke Girl

The ladies behind the Broke Girl’s Guide took over local boutique Em & Co. for a night of practical, inexpensive beauty. My job was to share easy makeup tips with girls interested in taking their looks to the next level with a few simple steps. That was the plan anyway…

Professional Grade: Benefit For Japan

I finally got pictures from the Benefit For Japan that I did recently. There was music, a fashion show, and sales of special t-shirts… all the proceeds went to the Koyamada Foundation, which sends aid to victims of Japan’s earthquakes and tsunami. I managed to find photos of the four

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