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Eye Adore: Winter Brights by Shiseido

Typically the Winter season brings muted colors and dramatically dark makeup. But a makeup artist showed me how to make winter brights work… despite the gloomy weather. The Shiseido Luminous Eyeshadow Trio in Tropicalia is the perfect set of colors to prove that point. The bright ‘summer’ colors actually work

Eye Adore: Chantecaille Shadow in Malachite

It started with the hunt for a black based color that would not run ‘black’ without the help of a cream. I had this smoky eye look in mind for an upcoming shoot… but I wasn’t sure WHAT color I wanted to use for the smoke (not black or brown

Eye Adore: Chantecaille Elephant Palette

I had to jump through some hoops to get this one. One of my local beauty supply stores carries Chantecaille… but there was some delay drama with the orders and the shipments and they weren’t sure if they were getting it… And I REALLY didn’t feel like wasting gas (it’s

Enchanted Selection: Random Goodies from Rouge Bunny Rouge

This is truly one of the ‘girliest’ brands I’ve ever come across. I’ve been playing with a selection of Rouge Bunny Rouge products lately… and wanted to swatch and share:  Smithereens of Stars Eye Gloss, Cheeks In Bloom Blush Wand, Raven Glaze Lacquer Eyeliner, Devilish Nectar Lip Potion, and When

My Sustainable Journey: Kjaer Weis Neutrals

Kjaer Weis has introduced a couple of new ‘neutrals’ to the eyeshadow lineup. Meet ‘Charmed’ and ‘Magnetic.’ Like the other Kjaer Weis Eyeshadows, these come in ‘refillable’ metal containers. Charmed is a neutral beige, and Magnetic is a brown-ochre shimmer. I like them… but they ARE  on the expensive side…

My Sustainable Journey: Vapour Organics Summer Brights

The latest addition to Spirit Beauty Lounge comes from Vapour Organics. They’ve released three new eyeshadow shades, to help brighten up the Summer… From the Left:  Seduce (Dark Purple) Obsess (Mint Green) Provoke (Bright Pink) Seduce Obsess Provoke Of the entire selection of Vapour Organics Eyeshadows (and it’s a pretty

My Sustainable Journey: Nvey Eyeshadow Singles

These have to be my favorites from the Nvey Collection… it’s the PIGMENTATION. These eyeshadows are so strong, and they hold true with no additional help needed from primers. I am so impressed by these! Now, the flash ate the color and does not NEARLY do these shadows justice. They

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