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Professional Grade: Alakazia Fashion + Art Happening

In about 24 hours, designer extraordinaire Alakazia is taking over a fabulous space in Downtown LA. First there was a text, then a phone call… then plans to bring it all together. And would I please handle the beauty aspect …?… and then there was something about  me deciding that

Professional Grade: Eastern Inspiration

I recently declared myself Key Makeup Artist for a fashion show/benefit (Hey Tara, Dari & Bianca!) and set out to design a ‘Geisha Inspired’ look that we could do quickly and efficiently. Here is the idea realized: I’m pretty sure Dari did this makeup. This girl is naturally Blonde. I

Professional Grade: BlacMera Fashion Show at Agenda Loft

Sometimes it’s a BEAST trying to track down the work you’ve done. I got a last minute call from a promotions company (Hey Anna!) to do makeup for the recent BlacMera Fashion Show, at Agenda Loft in Downtown Los Angeles. By the time I got there, only one model hadn’t been

A Night Out with Kevan Hall

I’m just getting back from the show … I wanted to share pictures! Keep in  mind, I am NOT a photographer. But I did my best: My wretched photography skills don’t even remotely do these gowns justice… they were STUNNING. Smashbox did the makeup. They wanted me to come in



Another show…Needless to say, these models didn’t need much: The designer is on the far left.


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