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Favorite Things 2011: Eyes

Here are my favorite Eye products for 2011: Brow Color: Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom As much as I initially whined about the price of this palette, I get a LOT of use out of the middle color. Pom Pom is a cool enough brown that it works on

POLL: What’s your Favorite Mascara?

We all have our favorite brands. We like them for performance, staying power… even smell. What’s your favorite mascara brand? I’d love it if you guys participated by voting in the new poll (in the blog sidebar). If your answer is OTHER, please post your preference in the comments box

Favorite Things 2011: Brushes

Hey Guys,I thought I’d wrap up the year with a series of posts about my Favorite Things, in the world of makeup and skin care. We’ll start with Brushes: FOUNDATION: I found two real gems this year, the most recent just last week. Topping my list of favorite foundation brushes

POLL: Your Favorite Things: 2011

Hello! I’m compiling my list of ‘Favorite Things‘ for the end of year, and I want to get you all involved! I’m going to put out my personal list, but I’d be honored if you shared your personal favorites as well! What is your favorite FOUNDATION BRAND for 2011? If

Armani: Autumn 2011 (favorites)

Hey Guys, I finally got to see and play with some of the items from the Autumn 2011 collection from Giorgio Armani. Some are good, some are noteworthy and some is a pass. Here’s what came home with me: From the left: Rouge d’ Armani in 406, Blushing Fabric in

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