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Lip Service: Lip Fusion Gloss in Fresh

Okay, this is my last peach lippie post for a while… I think. Lip Fusion’s Gloss in ‘Fresh’ is such a perfect complementary peach on such a wide range of skin tones, I think it’s worth shouting about. Even on my pigmented lips, it evens everything out and give my

Treatment Oils: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Some time ago I started adding ‘treatment oils’ to my nighttime regimen. I’m much too oily to wear them during the day (my makeup would just slide off), but add them as my ‘final step’ in nighttime moisturizing. Here are the oils that made the most difference (good and bad)

The Fresh Facial

For my birthday, the ladies at Fresh in Beverly Hills (Neiman Marcus) treated me to a facial. I honestly thought it was just going to be some ‘at the counter’ treatment (since it was a gift from them), but I knew I was in for a treat when they led

Fresh: Elixir Ancien

So I’m at the Tom Ford Beauty counter last night … and two ladies from Fresh come to talk to me as I’m leaving. They’re holding this little bottle in one hand, and some kind of serum in the other hand. They start to talk to me about Fresh Elixir

Lip Service: Fresh Passion Lip Balm

Fresh is a guilty pleasure. I don’t need the lip therapies… certainly don’t need them. But they are DELICIOUS! They smell divine… and feel really good on the lips. It does help that they come in a variety of colors now… not that it justifies the $23 price tag. Anyway,

FOTD: Bronze Stuff

Quick and bronze and a little smokey today. It is the last day before I finally get this eyebrow situation addressed… so this’ll be the last time I look so scrappy about the brows (well, until the next time I look so scrappy about the brows): FACE Guerlain Giant Mosaic

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