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GFC IS BACK + Clarisonic Giveaway

GFC is back up and running! Special thanks to my baby sister, Beauty and the Brown Girl, for going into the GFC code and working it out. She’s so smart!!!!! So now I can see you, and YOU can see you. Since GFC has been down, the number of followers

See and be Seen… Networked Blogs

Hey guys, I added yet another way for you to follow the blog, in the absence of my GFC gadget. Blogger STILL has not addressed the issue with this blog, so I’m doing the best I can with what I have. According to GFC there are 1252 public followers on


Hey guys… I just noticed the ‘follow’ link at the top of this blog page! If you’re having any issues following… click ‘follow’ just above the blogger heading. It works like GFC, sort of.You will automatically end up following the blog if you click that link at the top. Remember

Blog at