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More Group Shoot Photos…

This is Joy… I did her makeup as well for that group shoot in april (I did four models total… have no idea where the other two are… Kudos to the photographers for staying on top of that. *rolling eyes* Yep). I happened to find these on her model mayhem

Group Shoot: Pictures!

I just got the first couple of pictures from one of the photographers I worked with. This is Montinique. She is just STUNNING and she was such a good sport… Model: Montinique Makeup Artist: Shahada Karim Photographer: Nadirah Bahar Location: Downtown Los Angeles

My First Group Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Here are a few shots I took when I remembered to pick up the camera. We were BUSY! But the girls looked amazing, and I think everyone had a really good time:  Setting up. Dari is busy cleaning up her station. She’s so much neater than me. My station was

My First Group Shoot

So… One thing happened, and then another thing happened, and someone said something to someone else… and the next thing you know: I’m half of a team effort to pull off a Group Shoot in Downtown LA, in a record seven days. Gah! Here’s where we’re doing it: Does

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