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IMATS: The Haul

So here’s what came home with me from this year’s IMATS: I told you guys that NAKED got all my money. I bought the deluxe set of creams, which translates into four full size and four travel size containers of the cream. Allegedly, you can use it EVERYWHERE and even

IMATS: A Lesson from Valente Frazier

I attended the Keynote Lesson from Celebrity Makeup Artist Valente Frazier. He is Iman and Tyra Banks’ makeup artist… and is recognized for his professionalism, drama-free attitude, grace and humility. Before he came on stage, there was a wonderful vignette with Iman and others talking about why they choose to

IMATS; People of Note

I met some AMAZING people during my IMATS experience. The contrast between some of these ‘nouveau professionals’, and ACTUAL professionals is glaring. I am blown away by the courtesy, professionalism, kindness and generosity of the people who have earned their status the old fashioned way… by working for it. There

IMATS: Professional Grade

Watching true professionals work is something to behold. The spectacle of artistry gets more amazing every year. I continue to be blown away, and continue to learn new and exciting ways to view and use makeup.  

IMATS: The Products

The AMOUNT of products at this convention never ceases to amaze me. They are truly worth their very own post:

IMATS: The Overall Effect

I took 201 pictures… so I’m uploading in pieces. This is the overall ‘spectacle’ that is IMATS. I basically just held the camera up over my head and shot the general environment… That’s the line. That is all.

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