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IMATS 2012: A Lesson in Touch by Kabuki

IMATS was quite the experience this year. I made a specific point to witness this year’s Keynote Speaker, Kabuki, in action.Instead of a traditional makeup application or Q&A session, he opted to show  us how one of his ‘extreme glamour’ creations come to life. I found the entire experience quite

Professional Grade: An Evening with the Pros at NARS

I went to visit one my favorite Divas, Edwin, at his new post at NARS (Saks Fifth Avenue). He’d invited me to be part of an event with NARS, to experience some of the company’s latest and greatest. Well, it turns out that he’s been talking me up quite a

NARS: Modern Kabuki

I just wanted to share this… Is that not the most awesome picture? I love the bold lines on an otherwise ‘naked’ face. Really nice. It’s part of the promo for the NARS Kabuki Collection for Holiday 2011. I’ve shared images before, but it’s certainly worth a repeat:  And my

NARS: Holiday 2011 ‘Kabuki’

Have you guys seen this? Sheesh… I thought I was done with NARS for the Holidays!!! Top of my list: That eyeshadow palette, and the Bento Box (c’mon… who can resist that). I’m pretty sure that I can live without the rest. The whole shebang is available on the Nordstrom

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