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Perfect Persian: Dinner Out w/ The Mentor

Every few months, I meet with my mentor to trade war stories, professional/personal observations and advice, and generally laugh until we cry all of our makeup off. It’s always a great time, and I always leave our dinners feeling full of life and grateful for all of its blessings. Our


Okay, here’s the deal: I’m a pretty  healthy girl. I eat whole foods, work out regularly, and keep an overall active lifestyle. But I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t a sucker for an awesome piece of candy. Some people have that ‘sweet tooth’ that translates into

Score! All Saints Masson Blazer

There’s nothing like a good score! I’m ever on the hunt for the best … stuff, for the least amount of money. One of my favorite places to browse is a thrift/consignment shop called Wasteland. Amid the piles and piles and PILES of stuff that – at first glance –

Mind + Body Beauty: Changing My Perspective with UP Flying Yoga

I should probably start with a bit of history. I’m not new to yoga. I practiced actively for a decade or so… then left my mat for another decade {I see you trying to do the math and figure out my age :-). Cut that out.} Last year, I went

Must Do: The Sweat Shop LA

Okay, I’m not really sure where to begin with this. I got a random email about a place called ‘Sweat Shop LA’ and I’m thinking to myself: “I live in LA. It’s hot as HADES here. Why in the WORLD would I go somewhere to sweat?” LA can be very

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