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300 FOLLOWERS!!! Let’s do a Giveaway…

Hey you guys!!!! I just logged on and see that there are 300 of you beauties putting up with me and my rants about  makeup and what not! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate it. I do. In celebration… let’s do a quick giveaway… HOW ABOUT ANOTHER CARGO LUMIERES PALETTE AND

Contest Update and an addition…

The winner of the Cargo Lumieres Palette will be announced tomorrow, Friday January 7th. I’m also adding the ‘Deep Green’ Eye Pencil from Bourjois… I wore it in today’s FOTD: Good Luck Everyone!

Cargo Lumieres Palette: SWATCHES and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys… I finally dug into the palette and swatched the shadows. I don’t know WHY I was so stressed about messing up the shadow patterns… they’re etched in there pretty deep. After I swatched them, you could hardly tell that I’d used it at all… These are all of the shimmers

Pretty Nifty & Pretty Gifty: Cargo Lumieres Palette

A quick stop at ULTA before heading home yielded this (not so) little treasure: The Cargo Lumieres Palette has eight eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer. Highly pigmented (I tried them all). The colors are pretty universal. Looks like six shimmers and two mattes, and the shadow pots are big.

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