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Beauty Breakdown: Contoured Natural

The first in a series of pictures have come back from the recent shoot I did with Nadirah Bahar and Edo. I wanted to keep some of the shots as ‘natural’ as possible (we were shooting in natural lighting with no additional ‘help’ from artificial light sources, but I still

Professional Grade: Channeling Tia Carrere

I got the opportunity to shoot with a model who is a dead ringer for actress Tia Carerre. This is Edo. She says people tell her all the time that she looks like Carrere. Edo is based in New York… but decided to take a trip to our sunny state

Professional Grade… last few shots!

Okay… I think this is the last of them. Nadirah must have just worked overtime and just done a whole slew of pictures and shipped them to me. I appreciate her. I do. And my favorite of the three: Model: Natalie Makeup Artist: Shahada Karim Photographer: Nadirah Bahar Location: Mojave

POTD: Desert Bloom

Here’s the first official shot from the photographer I worked with last week. I told you that the official pictures would come out so much better than my bootleg attempts: Model: Natalie Makeup Artist: Shahada Karim Hair Stylist: Alex Wardrobe Stylist: David Photographer: Nadirah Bahar

Group Shoot: Pictures!

I just got the first couple of pictures from one of the photographers I worked with. This is Montinique. She is just STUNNING and she was such a good sport… Model: Montinique Makeup Artist: Shahada Karim Photographer: Nadirah Bahar Location: Downtown Los Angeles

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