Category: On The Set

Professional Grade: Shots from the Set

One more day of prinicpal photograpy… and we’re done! Season One will be in the bag. Random shots from the set… All makeup is done by me. My back is KILLING.ME. Whew! I’m looking forward to taking a mini-vacation after this. Advertisements

Professional Grade: Back On Set

It begins again… back on the set with more junk food than I should ever be allowed to eat… EVER. I promise that I’m going on a diet after this… It looks like we may get the season sewn up pretty quickly though. I’m excited, because it’s really starting to

Professional Grade: On The Set

Hey Guys… I’ve been asked to share some of my experiences with working on a set (movie/television/video)… good and bad. I imagine that the experience for the makeup dept. differs from that of those who are actively making the project come together. For us, it can be a lot of

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