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Poll Results: Your Favorite Mascara

Dammit, I did it again! I’m sorry guys… I forgot to put the Poll Results up for your Favorite Mascara. Here they are: ARMANI – 2 VotesMAC – 8 VotesGUERLAIN – 3 VotesMAYBELLINE – 28 VotesCHANEL – 23 VotesYSL – 5 VotesCLINIQUE – 1 VoteESTEE LAUDER – 2 VotesOTHER –

POLL: What is your top Skin Care Practice?

There’s a new poll up… I wanted to know your ‘top’ skin care practice(s). You can certainly choose more than one answer. Here are your choices: Sunscreen Day Cream Night Cram Eye Cream Face Serum Face Scrub Body Scrub OTHER If your choice is OTHER, then just leave the specifics

Poll Results: Favorite Foundations

Sorry for the delay guys. Time got away from me… I looked up… and I was a week late with this! My question to you all was ‘What is your Favorite Foundation?’ Here’s what you said: 31%  love Chanel (18 responses)  16%  love Guerlain (9 responses) 9%  love MAC (5

POLL: What’s your Favorite Mascara?

We all have our favorite brands. We like them for performance, staying power… even smell. What’s your favorite mascara brand? I’d love it if you guys participated by voting in the new poll (in the blog sidebar). If your answer is OTHER, please post your preference in the comments box

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