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Lip Service: Guerlain Rouge Automatique (Rendezvous)

 This is such a lovely color. Guerlain’s lipstick in Rendezvous is so flattering on such a wide range of skin tones… I absolutely love it. On me it’s a very cool rose tone. On fairer skin tones, it’s a warmer rose with just the smallest hint of shimmer. It’s really

Guerlain Holiday 2011: Flirt

So, I traded in the Rouge G in Bianca for a much better color (at a much better price)… the Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Flirt: It’s a much better color. Better formula, much better pigment… and cheaper to boot! The Rouge G Lipsticks retail for $47… the Rouge Automatique Lipsticks

FOTD: Terracotta (again)

Eh, I’m in a Guerlain kind of mood. So I used mostly items from the Summer 2011 collection to bring together this look: EYES Guerlain Cream Eyeshadow in Maya (lids) Guerlain Cream Eyeshadow in Bahia (browbone) Guerlain Terracotta Kohl in Black Fakir (waterline) Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara FACE Guerlain

FOTD: Quick Smoke

I had to move fast today, but I really wanted to do something smoky. So I used Armani Silk Eyeshadow in #2. One more perk about these eyeshadows, is that they are built for speed. I was able to smoke out my eyes in record time (8 minutes for the

Lip Service. Guerlain Jicky & Terracotta 08

I finally managed to get another one of the Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipsticks. The color ‘Jicky’ looks really brown in the tube, but goes on a sheer brownish nude. Love it! Check it out: Looks DARK right? It’s not. It goes on a sheer lip tone… and is so moisturizing!

Lip Service: Guerlain Rouge Automatique

This is good. This is REALLY good. Guerlain upped the ante on lipstick formula, ease of use, and the coolest packaging I’ve seen in a rather long time. The ‘Rouge Automatique’ lipsticks are SOOOO smooth… and there are such lush colors to choose from. I admit being a little overwhelmed.

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