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Giveaway: Rodial and a whole bunch of Samples!

Hey Guys, Now is as good a time as any for another giveaway. I wanted to give away the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum (it actually works), and thought that I’d toss in a bunch of samples for good measure. In addition the full sized serum, there are a bunch of

NARS GOODIES… added to the giveaway!

Edwin tossed a few goodies in my bag (along with that AMAZING Kabuki Brush Set) and I thought I’d add them to the Sample Bag Giveaway… The original post is here: I just like this. It’s a promo pamphlet, but it’s done so well… I thought it would be

Giveaway: The Ultimate Sampler (CLOSED)

Hey Guys! Here’s the perfect way to try before you buy: a whole bag of deluxe samples from luxury skin care companies! And don’t worry, there are some full sized makeup items in there too: I also tossed in a bunch of stuff from Chanel (sublimage), Sisley, and Guerlain (Orchide

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