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Dry Skin Solution: Hourglass Serum No. 28

I have several clients who have the driest skin on earth, and I’ve noticed that as I get… ahem… older, my skin tends to get a little flaky around the nose and mouth. Most of the time I can treat it before bed with a strong face oil. But under

Eye Adore: Hourglass Script Eyeliner

Just when you thought that eyeliners couldn’t get any more precise… Hourglass Script Eyeliner boasts the unique combination of a precision brush head (that is NOT made of felt), and a potent eyeliner formula. Some precision heads are wonderful and/or unique, but the formula leaves much to be desired (Shu

Space NK Meet & Greet… in Pictures

Hey Guys, I waited to share the details of the event, because I wanted to pair them with pictures (taken by the incomparable Nadirah Bahar). Here they are! Me talking to my girls, Mimi and Marty. Both of them came out to support me, and I totally appreciate them for

Space NK Meet & Greet!

Shahada & Space NK: Meet & Greet I’ll be there in just about an hour, and in case any of you local folks are coming to see me, I’m putting up my 7 top picks from Space NK: 1. Clarisonic Mia 2. By Terry Touche Veloutee 3. By Terry Hyaluronic

Save The Date: Shahada & Space NK!

WHEN: Thursday, November 17th — 6 to 8pm WHERE: Space NK Apothecary, Bloomingdales @ Fashion Square Mall (Sherman Oaks, CA) So, the planets lined up or some such… and the folks at my local Space NK decided to build an event around me. I believe they’re going to start doing


Nothing to do with makeup… but I wanted to share my latest ‘smell good’ find, candles from Space NK! I knew that they made candles, but I didn’t know they were any good. Edwin ‘forced’ me to take a whiff of the new selection, and I fell in love with

Fall Favorites at Space NK

I got a chance to join the folks at Space NK to preview Nicky Kinnard’s picks for the Autumn/Winter/Holiday season. There were lots of new products and makeovers and a the most FABULOUS gift (yours with a 75.00 purchase.. which is NOT hard at Space NK): So I browsed and

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