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MAC Surf Baby: Surf The Ocean

So… MAC quickly replaced my busted pigment stack of Surf The Ocean. I’m really surprised and pleased by their service and fast response on this matter. I called them about it late last week… and it arrived today! Titanium                     Bronze Aquamarine                Graphite Now, some of

MAC Surf Baby: Summer Stash

It’s taken me forever to decide to purchase and review the pigments from the MAC’s Surf Baby collection. For one thing, the casing is totally impractical. And the pigments aren’t traditional… they’re ‘wet’ so they take a bit of practice to apply. But after a lot of back and forth

MAC Surf Baby: Gilded White

I’m a regular fan of ‘brightening’ eye pencils; I bought backups of Guerlain’s retractable gold pen, and I absolutely LOVE Chanel’s Rose Platine pencil. So when MAC introduced the ‘Gilded White’ pencil, I had to see it for myself: It’s supposed to be a ‘white gold’ pencil… but it looked

FOTD: Eyes To Kill & Reflects Antique Gold

I’m not sure  how this worked out. It seemed like a good idea at the time: Now, the flash just ATE the reflects antique gold… but it’s there. I was sparkling all freakin’ day. Eventually, I gotta get a light kit or something because the flash is just the death

Giveaway: My Paradise Cheek Color (CLOSED)

Hey Guys, MAC’s Surf Baby collection seems to have come and gone in a matter of minutes. There is high demand for what I feel is the Crown Jewel in the collection: ‘My Paradise’ Cheek Color. Since it’s sold out online (and is bound to do the same in stores),

Surf Baby: Swatches

Here are the swatches that I promised from my mini Surf Baby haul: My Paradise Cheek Color Sun Blonde Eyeshadow Hibiscus Lipstick There ya go! I really like these items. I MAY go back and see about the pigments at the next party. We’ll see.

FOTD: Surf Baby

No swatches yet (I have to take a couple of them again)… but I did do a face with my Surf Baby products: EYES Guerlain Terra Inca Radiant Powder (lashline to brow) MAC Eyeshadow in Sun Blonde (lashline to socket bone) Guerlain Loose Kohl in Brun Dore (waterline) Sleek eyeshadow

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