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My Sustainable Journey: Nvey Eco Creative Eye Color System

Okay… I’m impressed. Nvey has managed to bring a selection of eyeshadow colors that are highly pigmented, last a ridiculously long time, and are good for you to boot! This is what they say:Soothing Chamomile and antioxidants Vitamin C, E & A, make for a smooth and soft formula excellent

My Sustainable Journey: Alima Pigment Eyeshadows

The lovely ladies at Spirit Beauty Lounge introduced me to a new line of organic makeup from Alima. This is my first introduction to the brand, which has a pretty extensive makeup line. There are 21 Eyeshadow Pigments (which are actually called Alima Pure Pearluster Eyeshadow,  Alima Pure Satin Matte

My Sustainable Journey: Vapour Organics Eye Color

My latest batch of goodies arrived from Spirit Beauty Lounge (love that place!): Vapour Organics Mesmerize Eye Shadows…  I have to say, I like these better than the RMS Beauty variety. They come in a convenient twist tube, and the colors are ‘drier’ on application, and less oil-based. I found

Product Review: Kjaer Weis

I’ve done this before… sort of. I first came across Kjaer Weis last year, during my sustainable journey to find and use more organic and plant based makeup. Kjaer Weis caught my eye, but in the end I was undone by the high price point. I’m also not the biggest

My Sustainable Journey: Neutralize w/ Kjaer Weis

They’re getting better and better… these organic and natural makeup lines. The most recent line to hit my radar is Kjaer Weis (say it with me: KAY-yer Wice [like mice]). The idea is to put sustainable, effective product into high end packaging and market it as a luxury brand. Kjaer

My Sustainable Journey: Flawless as a… Wild Rose?

The brand Korres prides itself on harnessing the power of nature to make us look our very best, without the side effects of harsh chemicals and preservatives. What began as a skin care line for the face and body, has since blossomed into a makeup line that promises to be

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