Category: The Skin Regime

The Skin Regime: Week 9 (The Peel)

Hey Guys, It’s time to update my progress on The Skin Regime Boot Camp, and reveal the peel I’ve been using to get the job done. Initially, I was unable to talk specifically about the peel, under instructions from Skin Regime founder Dana Ramos. But I’m happy to report that

The Skin Regime: Week 6

Okay, I was all set to bring you more pictures of Week 6, and then I uploaded them and see that they’re totally out of focus! Boo! The forehead picture is fine, so I’ll post that one. You can at least get a general idea of my skin’s progression from

The Skin Regime: Week 3

 The Skin Regime is a 12 week process (at least it is for me) that consists of dumping EVERYTHING that no longer serves your face beyond cleansing, gentle exfoliating, and basic moisturizing. During this ‘skin  boot camp’ — you use a series of glycolic acid peels (in varying strengths) to

The Skin Regime: Part 2

Okay, so I have been trying to figure out how to show you how well this stuff works. I was going to take a full face picture… but I know a thing or two about the internet. And I am NOT interested in googling something about skin care and finding

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