Category: tinted lip balm

Lip Service: Fresh Passion Lip Balm

Fresh is a guilty pleasure. I don’t need the lip therapies… certainly don’t need them. But they are DELICIOUS! They smell divine… and feel really good on the lips. It does help that they come in a variety of colors now… not that it justifies the $23 price tag. Anyway,

What’s the Bzzz: Covergirl Nature Luxe

First, Full Disclosure: Another fabulous blogger gave me the heads up about this company. Apparently, they recruit bloggers to help spread the news about products through word of mouth. So I signed up. What could it hurt, right? My first assignment apparenlty concerns Cover Girl, and the Nature Luxe

Sleek: Summer 2011

OMG! Seriously… Sleek is blowing away the competition with every new release. The Summer 2011 Collection: Avoir La Peche is no exception: The colletion includes an i-divine palette, tinted lip balm, and blush. The beauty of the palette is that it’s mostly matte. Out of 12 colors, 8 are matte.

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