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FOTD: Burnished Rose

Chocolate Brown and Warm Pink is one of my favorite color combinations. It was a gloomy day — and perfect for such a combination for me: FACE Dior Skin Nude Foundation (051) By Terry Touche Veloutee (center of the face) Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder NARS Blush in Gaeity EYES

Favorite Things 2011: Shahada’s Little Helpers

For a basic face, a good foundation and a little color will do the trick. But for a truly ‘flawless’ face — unless you’re blessed with perfect skin — you’re going to need a little extra help. Here are my top picks for getting the job done… flawlessly: FACE: By

FOTD: Extreme Highlight

I think I’m wearing about 15 pounds of makeup in this FOTD… I was trying to make a point. You should know that I blended the HECK out of everything… and still in the pictures, you can see parts that look like they need a little more. This was a

FOTD: Minor Shimmer / Major Orange

I was inspired by my little trip to see Amanda… so I decided to brighten up my face with a little shimmer and a lot of orange for this FOTD: EYES Giorgio Armani Mediterranean Palette: Shimmer Bronze (lashline to brow) Shimmer Brown (crease/under waterline) Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom (brows)

Keeping an Eye On: Sleek Luminaire

I once posted under ‘Shahada’s Little Helper’ one of my favorite products: By Terry Touche Veloutee. It’s the only ‘highlighting concealer’ that I’ve ever used, that really REALLY works. Now, it seems that Sleek is taking note… and taking their product one step further by widening the color selection: I

Shahada’s Little Helper: By Terry Touche Veloutee

This amazing little product used to be just an ‘option’ for me… but I’m finding that I use it more often than not. BY TERRY TOUCHE VELOUTEE This is a concealer and a highlighter. The woman behind By Terry (also behind YSL’s bestselling Touche Eclat) improved on the YSL design

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