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FOTD’s and Opinions

I haven’t been here in too long. So busy hovering over Habibi and trying not to die with my latest madness with Tracy Anderson. One of the Corepower teachers also works there and convinced me to go to class… and the next thing you know I’m going twice a week.

FOTD: Lions & Chimps

I pulled some of the more ‘charitable’ new releases from Chantecaille and Kat Von D to put this together. You’ve already seen the Lion’s palette. The Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Project Chimps is an orange-based red that I find actually wears more comfortably than her regular colors. I

So Much Makeup…

Okay, I know I owe y’all some posts and what not. But hey, you finally got the skincare stuff … so… yeah. But now… MAKEUP! Let’s start with Chantecaille: I got off my tail and got all of the Lux Chrome Duos. OMG. So good. I love them all, even

On Celebrity, Obscurity, Empathy and Acceptance

One of the more interesting things about teaching yoga is the clientele. Because of where I teach, there’s a regular roster of extremely well known, sort of well known, used to be well known, and all but forgotten men and women who come to take class. As is the case

GAIA Breakdown

Linda made a fabulous suggestion to break down GAIA so that you guys know what’s going on. That’s totally fair. Considering how sensitive I am about what I put on my own face, I completely understand. Know that every single ingredient in every Habibi product serves a purpose. We don’t

GAIA Giveaway

Hey People! As you may (or may not) know, I own a lil’ organic skin care company called HABIBI. We just released our newest skin care line, GAIA, and I need test babes to give honest feed back about the product. Here’s what you need to know, GAIA is suitable

MAC Dej Loaf

I’ll be honest: when this popped up in my inbox I was all set to pass. MAC lipglass is not my favorite product. The icky sticky formula attracts every lint particle and bug on the planet, not to mention it ends up looking like waxed death on fuller lips past

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