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Creating Space for Creative Space

I had the most amazing night. I was a guest at Tantris Yoga. The GM invited me for a restorative class, and I was able to experience this week-old Yoga Center without the pomp and circumstance and distraction of opening night. I was able to experience the space as my

Coming with me to 2016…

The year is nearly up, and I refuse to make a single resolution. Instead, I’ve set short term goals (like getting the tint pulled off of Liz’ front windows ’cause after 5 years I got pulled over… AS IF! #lagirlproblems) because there’s a much better chance of achieving them. While

Attitude Adjustment: The Power of Inversion

“On our mat we are all students, and we are all teachers.” I woke up this morning on the strange side of… something. I don’t have an reason or an excuse for the way I was feeling, but I was OFF. And although I slept very little, by 4am I

DDP Yoga: Are you up for the challenge?

THIS IS NOT YOGA! That thunderous declaration can be heard at least three times a week, in a 24 Hour Fitness class, inappropriately named ‘Power Yoga.’ Instructor Averill Kessee (who trained under DDP Yoga founder/former wrestler Diamond Dallas Paige) walks through the class and demands that any new people ‘stand

Mind + Body Beauty: Changing My Perspective with UP Flying Yoga

I should probably start with a bit of history. I’m not new to yoga. I practiced actively for a decade or so… then left my mat for another decade {I see you trying to do the math and figure out my age :-). Cut that out.} Last year, I went

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